PRIYVRAT           President

Sanjay Kumar Sharma

Sanjay Kumar Sharma General Secretary

Our Vision....

A Pioneering, Apolitical and Responsive officers’ Union movement with Enlightened values, Committed Cadre, Inspiringly led, Ever at the focused services of the members, the Bank and the community at large  Our Mission ….. To carry the torch of an exemplary SBI Officers’ Union Movement; Ever alive to Uniting, Protecting, Securing and Satisfying the committed and enthused members; Ever facilitating the growth and development of quality Bank Professionals; Ever offering trusteeship role in meeting the challenges of SBI in the face of changing Economic Scenario; Providing guidance and counsel to interested persons including beneficiaries, trustees, personal representatives, conservators, and guardians. Ever trusting in continuous search, improvement and education with a concern for all that is noble, just and  praiseworthy in our movement, Bank and Nation.  Our Value statement……. Priority to Union Organisational excellence; Circle-wise Autonomous / Federation-wise strong; Sense of belonging and totality; Apolitical and internally led values for the Associations / Federation; Sensitive and sincere to human dignity and concern; Search for the continuous improvement (Training and Development); Professional outlook and dedication to the Bank; Updating knowledge and skills – continuous; Rooting out corruption at all levels and shades (within and without – power corruption and money corruption).